The Cure to Global Warming is in Your Hands

Much has been said on the topic of global warming. Specialists believe that human activities over the past 50 years have given an impetus to the negative climate change. After a long series of tests and observations graph, it appears that the main culprit of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide). These gases have altered the composition of the atmosphere and global temperature rises, with nearly 1? C since 1950.

The problem is not that these gases exist. They have always been in the atmosphere, but there is a significant increase in their concentration. The planet began to warm and climate change at the same time appeared to be the beginning of the industrial revolution. Then, at the beginning of a new era, the concentrations of carbon dioxide increased almost 30%, almost doubled the methane and nitrous oxide with 15% global warming a serious, even fatal issue.GettyImages-141338089-1024x655

These figures are truly due to their dependence on fossil fuels to drive, heat and power plants do not think the harsh reality: burning fossil fuels are the main reason for the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global warming and accelerated the rate of climate change. However, the fuel is not the only culprit of global warming. The researchers believe that the development of agriculture, deforestation, landfills, industrial production and mining are also guilty. Each has “contributed” to induce large, global, abrupt climate change to a warmer planet, making it more difficult for us to live.

Statistics on climate change are frightening. Almost 98% of greenhouse emissions are due to pollution and it is not surprising that the most powerful and richest country (USA) on the continent is primarily responsible for global warming. 1998 has been declared the warmest year on record and scientistists is that snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere and floating ice in the Arctic Ocean have decreased. Do we really pay enough attention to climate change and that we want the planet becomes too hot for us to live? We are all threathened by this sudden change. Global warming is no joke and we should start paying more attention to it. Not only the wildlife, forests and coastal areas are vulnerable to climate change can bring greenhouse gas, but also water resources, animals and most importantly our health.

What should we expect from global warming? First, a change that will have a major impact on the way we live will be a warmer climate. Climate change appears in the form of increased precipations worldwide, with acid rain that can damage the natural habitat, with more frequent and intense storms that will be created, resulting in powerful hurricanes. And this is just the beginning of the “iceberg” called global warming. Hurricanes will be stronger than usual with more devastating power.

The world’s population should be taught more about the greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change and more specifically, global warming. Realeased is carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when wood, fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) and solid waste are burned. Methane is emitted during the production and transportation of oil, gas and coal, but also the result of decomposition of solid waste, organic waste. Nitrous oxide is the product of: agricultural and industrial activities, combustion of fossil fuels and solid waste. So I still have to ask why these greenhouse gases have a strong impact on climate change?lncndkmde6t33ybugoodorz124szctsi-large

Unfortunately, there are not many options for reducing the effects of global warming. Recently, in order to predict climate change, specialists have embarked on what is called an emission inventory that records the amount of air pollutants in the atmosphere. It establishes the identity of the pollutants (chemical and physical), the geographical area covered, the time period over which emissions are assessed and the type of activities that cause emissions. In this way, the scientific community is striving to reduce the serious consequences of global warming.

Another solution to the problem of global warming is recycling. It began years ago in the powerful and well developed and is news to the poor, tranzition states that are struggling to survive. But slowly, people around the world are learning about the effects of strong recycling newspapers, plastic, glass, metal. This is a healthy thing done the world a better place. By recycling, not only help ourselves, but also forests, crop yields and water supplies are severely affected by climate change. Also note the animals and ecosystems – another area seriously damaged by climate change. We make the difference. Global warming affects everyone. That is why we must fight our own destruction and life in general. Fight for your planet, do not let climate change affect the environment in an unrecoverable way, keep in mind that ecosystems on Earth are sensitive and must be treated with care, and have a future!

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